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Allow yourself to experience this profound class as part of your healing journey.


Give yourself permission to transform your life as you allow yourself to truly feel all that you are holding energetically within the systems of your body,mind and spirit..


Heal your body, mind and spirit by transforming your energy from fear to love through this amazing experience. 


Self -love and self- appreciation

are the keys to stepping into your full potential and personal power.

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Sekhem All-Love

Sekhem All-Love is a profound and powerful "energy healing" modality that unlike Reiki and other healing practices does not need to break down the teachings into different levels as a way of grading. There is no need.
Sekhem All-Love has evolved beyond that, understanding that it is the student themselves who is the true master of their own energy, healing and destiny.

Sekhem All-Love focuses on the individual's connection to Source in a natural organic and loving way. When the individual learns to awaken the energy of the Spiritual Heart they can then align themselves with the Source of All-Love that is both within and external to the individual. 


The Sekhem All-Love Class

Regardless how positive we are in life, there are times when life can present us with challenging situatios to overcome. These challenging situations can create negative emotions within us and if left unchecked can create a flow of energy that over time can become lodged within the energy systems of the body, mind or spirit. This stored up energy can develop into disharmony within the body, mind or spirit. Surfacing as illness, relationship problems, difficult work situations or a general lack of harmony in the flow of life.

An All-Love class is designed to help with the release of such energy blockages in a loving organic way so that the individual can retain a healthy  state within them.


When you give yourself permission to truly feel and experience all that you are holding within, amazing transformations can take place. If  you learn to feel the love that is within you and allow that love to flow throughout your body, mind and spirit healing can take place. When you truly learn to accept who you are, you will then experience the energy of your Soul.


 Guided by experienced certified Teachers, each individual is gently encouraged to connect with their own heart through which a connectio to the heart of the universe can take place. 


Sharon McMaster

Certified Teacher
and Faciliator


Patrick Zeigler

Grand Master and Founder of All-Love-Sekhem
with Sharon McMaster.


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