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The Journey 

Sharon is an experienced therapist, faciliator and teacher of energy medicine and spirituality. She has worked in the area of personal development and natural holistic health and wellness for many years gaining a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of energetics and vibrational therapies. As all 'healing' comes from within us, Sharon simply assists her clients and students to understand this important principle. As human beings we can hold energetic blocks in our systems due to life events and situations that have not been healed, which over time these energy blocks can manifest on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level as disharmony in the body/mind unit. Clearing these blocks and re-balancing the energy systems of the body, mind and spirit is imperative in assisting the body to heal itself.

Sharon has worked with countless clients, students and groups both here in Ireland as well as internationally.  She has gained a reputation as a wise and compassionate therapist and faciliator. She is known by many as the "Healers Healer" as she holds an immense wisdom to the workings of the human form on an energetic level as well as the importance of living life from the energy of the heart. She also understand the importance of self-care in your role as an active practitioner of energy medicine. A deep understanding of the dynamics of energy and the principles of how it works will keep the practitioner stay safe and healthy in their chosen profession. 

Sharon will guide each client to trust in their own natural ability and the wisdom of their own body, mind and spirit to work in unification with each other to heal, rebalance and re-energise anything that is out of balance within them.

Sharon is one of the first Master teacher in Ireland to teach Reiki in its traditional form having extended upon the original format as she was taught, from one day to one weekend for each level to a longer training that includes more indepth theory, case studies, examinations and supervised practice, the format that is more in alignment with the traditional teachings. This way of learning creates the foundation for dedicated, effective and educated Practitioners of Reiki and Seichem. She is honoured to see that after twenty five years of teaching in this manner, many others Master Teachers and Schools of Reiki here in Ireland now follow her lead by teaching Reiki and other energy systems in their original form, a way that is more respectful to the student but also to the energy itself.



  • To empower each client to live well as I share with you the tools for self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-healing

  • To help each client transform their old way of thinking so they can create a new and more empowering mindset of  themselves and the world around them.

  • To help each client to re-ignite the flame of passion for living, as they re-establish their true power and potential in every aspect of life, as they learn how to adopt new and strong boundries for themselves.

  •  To gently encourage each client to awaken the gifts and talents that are unique to them so that they can live their life in accordance with their own needs, dreams and desires and not from a place of pleasing others.

  •  To assist each client to transform their life by expanding on their ability to love more deeply.


  • To promote the highest professional standards in all classes, trainings and workshops.

  • To retain the traditional way of sharing the Sacred Teachings that lie at the core of vibrational medicine and spirituality.

  • To ensure that each student is confident in their abilities as an energy therapy practitioner.  

  • To create a strong and constant support network dedicated to the individual needs of each student as well as promoting any further training that will enhance the continued growth of the student.

  • To promote the qualities of humility, compassion, dedication, commitment to healing of ourselves and this planet through love, kindness and acceptance of others. 

  • To ensure that each student is committed to retaining the ethos of my lineage as a Master Teacher in both Reiki and Sekhem All-Love.

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