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I am a Master Teacher of Integrated Energy Medicine and Spiritual Awakening with clinics in both Limerick
and Ardee, Co. Louth.

The focus of my work is to assist others to unlock the body's natural healing ability to heal, re-balance and re-align their systems through one to one sessions, classes and trainings. The ethos of my work is to help each client to discover their own inner power and the body's innate potential to heal and re-balance itself, so the individual can directly influence their own health, wellbeing and destiny. 



  Living a healthy and purposeful life begins with taking the first step towards change and when this takes place everything else flows in accordance with each individual choice.

 Living a life that is filled with  joy, gratitude, purpose and good health form the ethos that guide my core teachings, the focus of my work at the Serenity Centre is to help my clients and students improve their overall health and wellness on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level through a range of treatments, classes,  courses and workshops that are designed to enhance the personal power and potential of each individual.

 Explore my site to learn more about me and what I can do to assit you on your journey to better health and

well-being as you step into your authentic self, claim your lost power and live in your true potential.

Buddhist Singing Bowl
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